What to bring


The Wanpa-rda Matilda Outback Education Centre is a SunSmart centre. We expect that all visiting students and staff abide by our SunSmart protection policy. All students and teachers need to follow the "Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide" slogan: Slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen, slap on a hat, seek shade, and slide on some sunglasses. This way all visitors are protected from the sun while enjoying our numerous outdoor activities.

For a full checklist of what to bring to camp, please see our what-to-bring list (PDF, 295KB) which can be easily printed for planning purposes.


All visitors should bring comfortable casual clothing such as sleeved shirts and shorts. If completing any outdoor activities, these pieces of clothing should be long sleeved, dark in colour to absorb UV rays, and has a high collar to protect the neck. Children will require clothes for the trip there and back, and sets of clothing for each day of activities. It is also advisable to have one pair of spare clothes. The Queensland Cancer Council has more information on recommended sun protection clothing.

  • Visitors should bring a jumper or a jacket, especially in the cooler seasons, or if it is raining.

  • All visitors should bring a wide-brimmed or bucket hat, and not a baseball cap or other kind of hat which only covers part of the head and shoulders. Legionnaire hats are acceptable.

  • Footwear should be comfortable walking shoes which are enclosed. Sturdy sneakers or hiking boots are ideal. 

  • Visitors can participate in water activities, so a pair of swimming togs is recommended.

  • Students and teachers will require pyjamas or sleepwear, especially in the cooler months when the temperatures drop at night.

  • Visitors should bring two towels, one for bathing and another to be used for swimming.

  • Visitors should bring SPF 30+ sunscreen, or they can purchase some in the local shops in Bardaldine.

  • Sunglasses are highly recommended. Not wearing sunglasses can result in damage to the eyes from the sun, heat stroke, and headaches.

  • It is recommended visitors bring a second pair of closed in shoes in case their first pair is damaged or become wet.

The weather in Barcaldine is quite warm in the spring and summer months, so students will not be required to pack heavy clothing. Remember to mark all clothing clearly with the child’s full name. A good idea is to attach a clothing list to your child’s bag so they can keep track of what they have. Any lost clothing will be dealt with before the group leaves the camp.

Please note that these clothing requirements apply to all visitors. Teachers and supervisors are expected to wear suitable attire, to protect themselves, and provide a role model for the students.


  • A sleeping bag or light doona.

  • Sheets.

  • Pillow/s.

Bus drivers need to supply their own bedding if they are staying at the facility.

Required bedding will depend on the season and weather at the time of visit, as it is quite warm in Barcaldine most of the year, though Winter nights can be cold, requiring a warm blanket, sleeping bag or doona.

Last reviewed 17 January 2020
Last updated 17 January 2020