History and culture


Indigenous Art/Culture Program

 Travelling from Wanp-rda, students will visit the Red Shed in Barcaldine which is a cultural centre and arts workshop owned and operated by the Central West Aboriginal Corporation. Here students will have the unique experience of learning about Aboriginal culture through a variety of art activities including making and designing their own clap sticks. Students will be given the opportunity to gain an understanding of the stories and meanings behind Aboriginal artwork, and will incorporate this knowledge into their own art designs. Workshops are hosted by members of the Bidjara People whose aim is to connect students to their Aboriginal culture through various art workshops designed specifically for primary and high school age groups.  Students will be able to take their finished artwork home with them. This activity links directly to ACARA and the Visual Arts content descriptors. This activity also encompasses ACARAs Cross Curriculum priorities and the development of knowledge, understanding and skills relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.

Democracy in Australia

Students will learn how democracy developed in Australia, and how our country is governed. Students will be able to sit in a mock parliament, and through role plays, learn the basics of how politics operates in Australia. Through this activity, students will gain a better understanding of how and why decisions are made that ultimately affect the lives of all Australian citizens. This activity is most appropriate for students in years 7-10.

Time: half day.

Australian Workers Heritage Centre - Quiz Tour 

Students will take a circuit through the centre and utilise their map reading skills as they locate the answers to the quiz tour questions. The Australian Workers' Heritage Centre is the custodian of the rich heritage, history and traditions of all working Australians. Railway workers, blacksmiths, farmers and factory workers, mothers, nurses, teachers and nuns – the centre pays tribute to the lives of these ordinary people who built a nation.

Opened in 1991 this museum style complex is sited in the grounds of the former Barcaldine State School. Many of the original structures have been reinvented into exhibition space. Other historic work places of yester-year, including a one teacher school, an Australian Workers' Union shearers hall, police watch-house and railway station, have been relocated to the centre from throughout Queensland. Within these unique spaces the stories of Australia’s working history come to life through objects, art and multi-media presentations.

The centre has been designed with the weary traveller in mind. Beautifully landscaped gardens and shady trees surround a sparkling billabong creating a cool outback oasis – relaxed, tranquil and irresistibly beckoning.

Time: 1½ – 2½ hours.

AWHC Quiz Tour / Tree of Knowledge Monument Visit

Students will undertake a quiz tour of the Australian Workers Heritage Centre; where students are challenged to seek out the answers to their quiz booklets from exhibits which inform of the history of the Great Shearers’ Strike of 1891, the symbolism of the “Tree of Knowledge” and where the story of Australia’s worker democracy is told. Students will then further enhance their journey of discovery of this rich watershed of history that took place in our region with a visit to the TOK monument site.

Time: 2 Hours     

Last reviewed 17 January 2020
Last updated 17 January 2020